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Dedicated to fine art, this gallery displays a wide variety of paintings and prints depicting Barbados and the wider Caribbean.  It is home to historical scenes of Bridgetown as well as the 1848 original oil painting, Careenage by Percy William Justyne and the 17th century original oil painting Governor Robinson Going to Church. The work of several military artists are also on display including the work of Lieut. J. H. Caddy and Lieut. J.M. Carter. J.H. Caddy’s coloured prints feature St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Dominica and St. Kitts, while Carter developed a series of street and landscape scenes of Barbados. Here visitors can also view six original oil paintings by Agostino Brunias depicting West Indian lifestyles in the 17th century.

This Gallery was named for Sir Edward Cunard who was educated at Eton and Cambridge and served in the Diplomatic Corps. He came to Barbados in 1934 and built his home, Glitter Bay, and was a pioneer of tourism on the St James coast. A collector of West Indian Prints, he bequeathed 65 to the Museum, the nucleus of the Cunard Gallery.
Percy William Justyne was born at Rochester in Kent in 1812. He developed a taste for art, and practiced landscape painting. He created several pieces in the West Indies before returning to England where he became noted for his skill as an illustrator of books.
Lieutenant John Herbert Caddy was a soldier, engineer, teacher, and artist born in 1801 in Canada. Caddy was trained at Woolwich in topographical sketching and painting and was a methodical artist who worked slowly and carefully from pencil sketches made on the scene, through sepia drafts, to the finished picture.
Lieut. J.M. Carter was a military artist and illustrator stationed in Barbados. He is well known for his representation of landscapes and monuments in Barbados.
Agostino Brunias was an Italian painter Born in 1730, after graduating from the Accademia di San Luca. He completed many sketches, watercolors, and oil paintings in the Caribbean before heading to Britain around 1775 in order to promote and sell his growing collection of work - three of his West Indian paintings were shown at the Royal Academy.
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