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The Charles A. Robertson African Gallery and exhibition, titled “Connection and Continuities”, introduces visitors to the geography, history, and heritage of Africa and its legacy in the creation of Caribbean society. The exhibition reveals the rise of early humanity and highlights the geographical and demographic diversity of the continent. It introduces four African kingdoms and explores the symbols of power used at both secular and religious levels. The gallery captures how Africa engaged with the world through trade routes and centres and expands to demonstrate African cultural retention in the Diaspora by illustrating traditional African customs. From man’s first footsteps on this earth (a reproduction of the Laetoli footsteps donated by the National Museum of Kenya) to a glimpse of modern constructions within urban cities, this gallery allows visitors to discover and understand the diversity of the African continent and its direct connections to contemporary Caribbean cultural heritage.

A well-known collector of African items, Eric Robertson gifted his collection to the Museum and the gallery was named in honour of his father Charles A. Robertson.
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