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Lascelles Slavery Archive

This collection of information on over 350 family names has mainly been donated by researchers. The files, varied in the level of detail, include correspondence, and information on births, deaths, marriages, and wills. 

The Lascelles Slavery Archive documents part of the history of Caribbean Slavery at the end of the 18th century and contains many documents relating to the Lascelles’ plantations in Barbados, Jamaica, Tobago and Grenada. The family (Edward Lascelles, his son Daniel, and 3 grandsons George, Henry, and Edward) were heavily involved in the slave trade. Between 1713 and 1717, Henry had a share in 21 slave ships. By 1787, the family had a financial involvement in 47 plantations across the entire West Indies and as such their records provide an excellent snapshot of the enslavement of persons by Europeans in the English-speaking Caribbean.

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