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Our Team







The Council of the BMHS sets the policies that guide this non-profit organisation. Nine Council members are voted into their positions by other members of the BMHS at the Annual General Meeting. Five Council members are appointed by Government (Government provides a subvention to the BMHS). The highly-trained staff complement, led by the Director, ensure the Museum’s operations and programmes serve to fulfill its mandate.

Our Mandate:

To collect, document and conserve evidence of Barbados’ cultural, historical and environmental heritage; and to interpret and present this evidence for all sectors of society.








Our Patron


His Excellency Sir Elliott Fitzroy Belgrave, G.C.M.G.,  K.A., C.H.B., Q.C. Governor General of Barbados .








The staff of the Barbados Museum & Historical Society implement programmes that ensure the organization meets its objectives.

The Director is Ms. Alissandra Cummins, GCM.






Ask Us!

Ordinary Members





  • Mrs. Virginia Challenor
  • Mrs. Maureen Davis
  • Mr. Justin Oran
  • Mrs. Susan Mahon
  • Dr. Sonia Peter
  • Dr. Ashwell Thomas







Government Appointees





  • Mrs. Rosemary Alleyne
  • Dr. Tara Inniss
  • Mrs. Nicole Alleyne
  • Mrs. Celia Toppin
  • Mrs. Andrea Wells







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