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Decorative Arts Gallery

Warmington Gallery

This gallery was named in honour of Mr. Jack Warmington who bequeathed a collection of over 300 objects including furniture, glass, ceramics and silver to the Barbados Museum and Historical Society. Set in four period rooms highlighting the lifestyle of the Planter class during the mid 18th to late 19th century the Gallery consists of a master bedroom, nursery, dining room and living room.

The Warmington is not an exact representation of any one plantation house, but is designed to reflect the lavish lifestyle of the planter class. All aspects of the planters’ home vividly recall the British influence and the planters’ testimonial to their success and wealth acquired from the sugar industry. It was this preferred lifestyle that generated the demand for beautiful furnishings and finery. There was an abundance of furniture and silver, mostly imported from Britain and the Northern colonies. Numerous cushions, carpets and linens furnished their rooms as this class tried to emulate they wanted to recall a lifestyle comparable to their European contemporaries.

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