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Conaree Jar

Date: June 9, 2013 Category:
Conaree Jar

The Conaree Jar, like the Monkey jar, is another product of creolization in Barbados’ cultural inventory. The Conaree Jar, which is tall earthen ware vessel, has been used in the preparation of and storage of ‘Pepper Pot, salted meat, salt and wide variety of commodities. The Conaree Jar is and was made form clay hewn from Barbados’ Scotland District which has for three centuries maintained a ceramic and pottery tradition.
The Conaree Jar is important on this list of eighty artifacts as it represents a fusion or rather a collaboration of three cultures; African in form and aesthetic details, European in the manner in which it was made-thrown on the potter’s wheel and Amerindian from the perspective of the original use of the vessel-a container for preparing and serving pepper pot- a traditional aspect of Amerindian culinary heritage.

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