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By BMHS on June 5, 2017 in Genealogy, Hot Topics

It is my pleasure to welcome this latest initiative of the Barbados Genealogy Group.

The Group was launched in 2014 to provide a vehicle to support and promote family history research in Barbados. Genealogical research, however, has a long tradition here at the BMHS. As early as 1935, a Department of Historical and Genealogical Research was established to formalise the work of Eustace Maxwell Shilstone. Until his death in 1969, Shilstone interrogated the local records and provided many clients with information on their Barbadian ancestors.

The Barbados Genealogy Group, through its programmes of public education and information, has built upon the foundation laid by Shilstone. The Group aims to empower and encourage all Barbadians to delve into their own family histories. Such an exercise, not only provides the groundings that locates a family within the tapestry of Barbadian society, but contributes a microcosmic view to what we know as Barbadian history. I therefore wish to congratulate the Group and admonish it to continue to carry forth Shilstone’s legacy.

To the public, I encourage you to take full advantage of the Group’s activities, and always bear in mind that every family has a history that deserves to be researched, documented and shared. Only by knowing ourselves, can we know and understand others.



Alissandra Cummins


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