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Appeal for Artifacts – Barbados at 50

By BMHS on April 22, 2016 in Hot Topics

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Barbados at Fifty: Pursuing the Road to Independence


Objective: To Commemorate 50 years as an Independent nation


Programme: Appeal for Artifacts for the Barbados at Fifty Exhibition

Comments:  To commemorate Barbados’ 50th birthday, the BMHS is developing a commemorative exhibition. The exhibition will seek to achieve three goals; 1) To raise awareness and educate individuals on The History of Independence in Barbados. 2) To understand the significance of Independence as a nation. 3) To attract all sectors of society, including senior citizens, and persons with disabilities, through various audio and sensory features, and the Barbados Beyond Boundaries” community program.

The exhibition will look at the pre independence debate, and how Barbados has progressed as a nation within the last 50 years through various themes.

Appeal: The Barbados Museum and Historical is developing an exhibition to commemorate fifty years of nationhood. Members of the public are therefore asked to submit any memorabilia (artefacts) which might relate to Independence.  This can include but not limited to letters, music, recordings, ticket stubs from Independence celebrations, photographs and objects.

We are not looking only for artefacts related to independence alone, but artefacts that relate to how Barbados has progressed as a nation as a whole, so the items can be wide and varied.  For example, in the last fifty years, we have progressed from rotary phones to cell phones, some no bigger than your palm, but yet still the size now is increasing.

We would also like to hear your stories and invite you to contact the Barbados Museum & Historical Society.

  • For more information, please contact the Barbados Museum & Historical Society 427-0201 or E-mail:

Another layer of this project is the Barbados Beyond Boundaries project. To learn more, click here


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