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This Day in History – Hurricane Janet Struck Barbados

By BMHS on September 22, 2015 in Hot Topics

[This Day in History – September 22]

Hurricane Janet Struck Barbados

This September 22, 2015 will mark 60 years since Hurricane Janet struck Barbados in 1955.

Janet started as a tropical wave located just off Barbados and retained this status until September 21, when within a 12 hour period, it strengthened first to a category 1 and then into a category 2 hurricane. When Janet hit the island, it was a category 3 system packing winds of 120 mph!

Janet went on to become the most powerful hurricane of the 1955 season, reaching category 5 status with winds of 175 mph. The storm killed 38 people in Barbados alone, caused 5 million dollars in damage, and left as many as 2000 Barbadians homeless.

In fact, the only hurricane hunter plane to be lost in the Atlantic on a reconnaissance mission occurred during Hurricane Janet. On September 26, the pilot lost radio contact at 10:15 PM, before flying into the then category 4 storm. By 11 PM, the US Navy classified the plane as overdue and the crew was officially reported missing. Neither the remains of the plane nor any signs of the crew have ever been found.

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